Friday, September 26, 2008

Alice Peacock Recording Session at Flashpoint

Shaun Hildner, Bernie Mack, Alice Peacock, Audrey Welling and George Luif

John Murray, Alice Peacock and Bernie Mack

Monday, September 15, 2008


CHICAGO SESSIONS is now accepting subscriptions to Series 1! Please visit for more information.

CHICAGO SESSIONS is a jazz record label featuring the best Chicago jazz artists, from the established to the undiscovered. We produce 12 exclusive, high quality Compact Discs per year, which collectively form a Series, available only by subscription. Each CD in the Series features a different artist, and focuses on their original compositions. Subscribers will receive all 12 CDs in the Series to which they subscribe, with one CD being released each month. A subscription to Series 1 is $135.00 within the domestic United States, including tax and shipping.


Volume 1 - Larry Gray • One - Two - Three! with John Moulder and Charles Heath - Ships October 2008.

Volume 2 - Marshall Vente Trio • Marshall Arts (with Scott Mason, Isi Perez, Jim Batson, Luiz Ewerling, Glenn Reitsma and Joe Sonnefeldt) - Ships November 2008.

Volume 3 - Steven Hashimoto's Mothra (Steven Hashimoto, Neal Alger, Kathy Kelly, Michael Levin, Dan Hesler and Heath Chappell) (scheduled) - Ships December 2008.

Volumes 4 - 12 - To Be Announced!

CHICAGO SESSIONS will endeavor to
• Encourage original music by the best Chicago jazz artists
• Introduce the best Chicago jazz to a larger audience, both locally and worldwide
• Provide the jazz enthusiast with unique, high quality recordings which would otherwise not be available, and to foster their connection with the Chicago jazz scene
• Promote the idea that music has value, and that artists should be able to make a living providing the world with the beauty of their art
• Take a positive stance against music piracy of all kinds, including illegal downloading (“file sharing”), and copying of CDs
• Offer artists a good recording opportunity, and a fair and straightforward contract in which they share in the success of the label
• Use, whenever possible, environmentally friendly materials in the CDs we create
• Make a lasting contribution to the collective of great music and quality recording, for the benefit of the listeners, the artists and for posterity.

Sign up and support local Chicago Jazz!