Friday, February 27, 2009

Nathan Tenebaum From "The Next Big Sound" Tracks for Flashpoint's Music Focused Study on 2 inch Analog Recording Techniques

Neumann U89's in Blumlein on Acoustic Guitar/ 414 EB Silver on Vocals:

Another Pic of the Neumann U89's in Blumlein on Acoustic Guitar
Calrec Condenser (Just for a Safety):

Control Room at Wall 2 Wall Recording:

Music Focus Study Class - Nathan Tenebaum and Myself:

The Neve V51 at Wall 2 Wall Recording:

Joe and the 2 inch:

The Class and Myself in the control room:

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Double Edge Safety Blades - Results

After the purchase of my new double edge safety razor (Merkur - Open Comb), I decided to sample a variety of blades. I have learned that the perfect shave is a result of finding the correct blade to match your beard. Below is my feedback on the blades pictured above - remember this is based on my beard.

In Order of Preference:
1st - Lord Blades from Egypt - Very Fast, sharp, no drag or cuts -blade lasts - the best shave.
2nd - Dorco Blades from Korea - Very Fast, sharp, no drag or cuts - does dull quickly.
3rd - Merkur Blades from Germany - Fast, slight drag, no cuts - does dull quickly.
4th - Gillette Blades from America - Fast, slight drag, caused one razor cut.
5th - Fan Blades from America/Swedish Steel - Lots of drag, no cuts - very dull -not platinum.
6th - Feather from Japan - Very Fast, no drag, multiple razor cuts - 45 minutes of constant bleeding - the blades are not pictured because I gave them to a fellow wet shaver, maybe he will have some luck with them!

*Lord Blades from Egypt run $4.95 plus $2.00 shipping for 5 blades. I picked up the Dorco's from Korea for $9.89, free shipping for 100 blades!

Keep shaving!

Pic of my Merkur Open Comb Double Edge Safety Razor (Made in Germany):

Friday, February 13, 2009

Chicago Sessions Volume 4 - Paulinho Garcia

Chicago Sessions Volume 4 - Paulinho Garcia - My Very Life

Paulinho Garcia - guitar, vocals; Heitor Garcia - percussion; Geraldo de Oliveira - percussion; Brett Benteler - double bass; Grazyna Auguscik - vocals; Steve Eisen - saxophone, flute; Julie Koidin - flute; Michael Allemana - electric guitar; Ernie Denov - electric guitar; Don Stiernberg - mandolin.

“Singer-guitarist Garcia always caresses the ear, but this disc offers an impressive collection of original compositions steeped in Brazilian musical culture. Each is a revelation.” – Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune, March 2009.

“Alone with his guitar, his voice conjures a romantic figure balancing serenity and saudade (the Brazilian word for “that happy sadness” which has no easy equivalency in English) – a soundtrack for the famous Picasso portrait “The Old Guitarist.” And working with a broad range of Chicago musicians – reflecting relationships forged over 30 years in America – Paulinho’s voice becomes the sunlit jewel at the center of the various small ensembles heard here… The real surprise of this album lies in the fact that so fine a modern exponent of bossa nova as Paulinho Garcia emerges as so effective an interpreter, and so accomplished a composer, of the bossa’s many cousins.” – Neil Tesser (from the liner notes)

Born in Belo Horizonte, Paulinho composed, arranged, produced, and performed in Brazil until his arrival in the U.S. in 1979, where he joined and made two recordings with the band Made in Brazil. In 1991, he founded his own band, Jazzmineiro, whose eponymous 1996 CD received excellent reviews in the Chicago Tribune, Jazziz Magazine, the Brazilian Music Review and many others. Paulinho was the recipient of the 2001 Best Jazz Entertainer Award at the Chicago Music Awards. He tours the world extensively and has a musical partnership with some of Chicago's best musicians including saxophonist Greg Fishman (Two for Brazil), flutist Julie Koidin (Dois no Choro) and singer Grazyna Auguscik.

Paulinho has performed at some of the most renowned jazz festivals in the world such as The North Sea Jazz Festival of Nederland, Singapore Jazz Festival, the Elite and Concord Fazz Festivals of Japan, and the Jazz nadOdra Festival of Poland. His appearance on July 24, 2008 at Millennium Park in Chicago drew 11,000 people, the largest audience for a jazz concert at that venue. With 15 CDs of his own recorded, and extensive participation in other musicians’ projects, Paulinho has established himself as a master of Brazilian jazz.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pure Badger Shaving Brush

Hand Made in England - Pure Badger Hair - "Old Original" Pictured with Stand:

Keep Shaving!

Music Focused Study at Wall 2 Wall Recording

Friday, February 6, 2009

Current Tracking Sessions - Recording I - Flashpoint Academy

Session 2:

414's on Piano - 195 on Vox:

EV 868 on Tuba:

Session 1 :

Beyer M160's on Hat and Ride:

DI - Shadow Hills Pre - 1176 Compression on Bass:

Royer 121 and 57 on Electric Guitar:

414 XLS with Pacifica Pre on Flute: